Unicote - Powder Types and Uses
Epoxy Powder
This type of powder generally offers the best chemical and corrosion resistance. They can be formulated into materials that are highly chemical and heat resistant. Epoxies, however, do not exhibit resistance to ultraviolet radiation (sunlight). When exposed to UV rays, epoxies “chalk” on the surface.

Typical Uses For Epoxies
Gas and oil pipe, oil filters, concrete reinforcing bars, automotive underbody parts (springs, struts, frame reinforcement, oil fill tubes, etc.), indoor furniture, electrical insulation (motors, resistors, bus bars, trimmers, etc.)

Polyester Powder
This type of powder generally offers flexibility and durability with very good outdoor (UV) resistance. They can provide smooth thin coatings in a full range of glosses from a DOI over 90% to a very low < 5% gloss.

Typical Uses For Polyesters
lawn and garden equipment, outdoor furniture, automobile wheels, interior and exterior trim, playground equipment.

Most powders in this group are based on type 11 or type 12 nylon resin. Nylon coatings are tough, have excellent abrasion, wear, impact resistance, solvent resistance, and excellent machinability.

Typical Uses For Nylons
drive splines, printing press rolls, hospital equipment, gear tracks

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